Nov.10th - 

Thanks to everyone that was able to come to the Engagement Party last night!  It was AMAZING, but not to rival what is about to happen tonight!  

UPDATES on Shuttle Service:
- There is SHUTTLE Service from the Hotels in Brooklyn to the venue in Manhattan.  The shuttle is a school bus (how cute, right?  I'm a principal, so it's perfect!) that will pick up at the Holiday Inn Brooklyn at 4:15pm.  It will then go to the Union Hotel at around 4:30pm and to the venue in time for the ceremony.
- There will also be service BACK to the Hotels tonight.  The bus will run back to the hotels starting at 9:30pm, and will be back to get guests that want to stay a little later at 10:30ish pm.  The DJ will help us to keep you all posted.

Only a few more hours!!  Can't wait!!


Nov. 4th - 

Hey all - We are happy to report that while our wedding will be impacted by Sandy, we are fortunate to be safe and sound in the aftermath.  A few updates re: Sandy:
- - Our home was not hit.  We are very lucky.
- - Scott's work was out of power for quite some time, but as of this weekend, they are back up and running.  They should be fine.  Jill's work, on the other hand, was not as fortunate.  Jill's School, PAVE Academy, in Red Hook Brooklyn was hit hard.  Jill and her staff are working to come up with an alternate location for the school as the flooding has displaced them for at least the next several weeks.  Families of Jill's scholars were hit hard as well, and many of them are either still without heat, clean water, and light, or have been displaced by the storm.  Jill and Scott have been very grateful for the generous gifts that they have received, but ask that any additional gifts come in the form of donations to Jill's School.  We will post more information on how to help out in the next couple of days.
- - We know that in an already difficult to navigate city, transportation will be difficult for the wedding weekend.  We are working to secure transportation, and will update via Twitter.  
- - The location for our Engagement Party on Friday night has been mostly destroyed, so we needed to change plans.  Instead of holding the Karaoke and Pizza party in Red Hook Brooklyn, we will be hosting the party at our apartment; this location is walk-able from both The Holiday Inn and The Union Hotel in Brooklyn.  In addition, although it is a bit of a walk to the 6 train, those staying in Manhattan should be able to take the 4 or 5 trains (green) to Brooklyn's Atlantic Terminal stop or Nevins St.  We are located at 180 Nevins.
- - For updates on transportation in NYC, visit MTA.info.  As of Sunday, Nov. 4th, many subways are back up and running, including the 4 and 5 trains, and possibly (?) the N.  Also, Metro North has been fully restored.  We expect that Gas regulations will be lifted by the weekend.  Cross your fingers with us!
That is all for now.  If you need information, please check out this site, direct other people here, and check out our TWITTER feed.  :)  To subscribe to our Tweets by text, message "follow @liquidwafflegir" to 404-04 

Jill will also make an effort to keep updates posted on this site and on FaceBook.  (Yes, Jill USING her FB account... who thought we'd see the day?)

We look forward to seeing everyone in just a few short days!

-Jill and Scott

July 29th - 

Wedding Registry -  Scott and I registered on amazon.com!  Yay.  Go us.

Simply go to http://www.amazon.com/registry/wedding/116YVX4L4DQCQ
(or if that doesn't work, you can log in to Amazon, click on "wishlists" then on "wedding registry" and look up either Jill Glassbrook or Scott Wilson.

June 29th

- HOTELS:  Check out the tab under "Visiting NYC" that's called "Hotels"
- - we have a block of rooms at the Holiday Inn in the Boerum Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn.
- - there is another hotel with good prices walkable to the hotel mentioned above; we don;t have a block reserved, but the link to go online and book is on the "hotels" tab.
- - Please do not plan to stay in Jersey.  It might be a little cheaper, and might LOOK closer, but we assure you, it is not the best option.  
- - You do not need to stay in Manhattan to make travel easy.  Please remember that it is probably not worth the premium.

June 21st - 

- PICTURES:  We added a few engagement photos, and a link to see more!  Just click on the "Engagement Photos" Link on this tab!

- HOTELS: we are working on getting a block of rooms for our guests.  Right now, we are planning for guests to stay in Brooklyn, about 4 blocks from our future home.  (Scott and I are moving on July 1 to the Boerum Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn.)  If you are in a rush to book a hotel room, please feel free to do so, but if you can hold out a week or so, we will have more information and we will post it here.
    - The hotels that we are planning for our guests to stay at are:
        - Union Hotel 
        - The holiday Inn
    - Prices for this area for our wedding dates are running from $129-$179.  The hotels are blocks to a subway that is just a few stops to the site of our wedding, and reception.  If you are interested in staying closer to the site of the wedding, I can recommend hotels that we have called/ e-mailed/ harassed, but prices will be $269-$359.

- PARKING: There is a parking ramp near the hotels that we are planning to book.  It does cost something, and when I know what that cost is, I will make sure to post that too.