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Wedding Party

There are so many people that mean the world to us.  There is no way we could ask each of them to play a role in our day.  The following is a small sampling of the many amazing people that have helped us become who we are today.
The Ladies    

Maid of Honor 
  • Lynsey Glassbrook - Jill's little sister, accomplice, confidant, and less-wild counterpart.  She can drive as fast as Jill, but she stops at all the lights.  Although Jill still swears that her little sister came about as some sort of science experiment (common', you've all seen pics of all the tubes she was hooked to as an infant) or as a gift to earth from aliens (common', you've all seen those discolored spots that cover her back in the summer), but regardless, Jill has to admit that she's lucky to have Lynny.
  • Amy Gadola - Jill's longest-ever friend.  Jill and Amy met in 1st grade and have had all sorts of random stories to share.  From the 700 Club to mouse-infested and hoarded apartments; Jill and Amy have lived through it all.
  • Jill Pancerz - Jill is the other half of Jill Squared (I know that doesn't mathematically work out right, but it works for these two!) and the other head-nod in "Great Jill's Think Alike."  Jill and Jill's friendship goes back to Lisa's backyard pool, Girl Scouts, bowling class, and beyond.
  • Desiree Hunter - Desiree has been the more eccentric side-of Jill and the other half of her brain at work for the past 4 years.  Although they've only known each other for the past 4 years, Des and Jill have already trailed Bermuda on Mo-Peds in a Death-Storm, slayed beasts, and experienced the magic of Jimminy Cricket.
  • Aliisa Lahti - Aliisa and Jill have been BFF's since 3rd grade.  They were inseparable through Elementary, Middle, and High School; allowing no weekends to pass without living in one another's homes.  It's safe to guess that Aliisa has saved Jill's life on more than one occasion; and that although their world are very different now, they will always be connected.  Aliisa's parents are lovingly known as Jill's "other parents."
The Gents

Man of Honor
  • Will Stringfellow - For a boy growing up as an only child, the best a guy could ask for is a friend like WIll.  Will and Scott have known eachother since elementary school, and neither one of them seems to have grown up much since then!  

Most of Scott's Groomsmen are went to college with him at Virginia Tech.  If you are someone that doesn't know VT-Fan culture, you should just act as though VT itself is a groomsman.  Jill isn't quite sure of how this crew actually met, but she figures that it's all details.  In her head, this is how it all happened:
  • Scott is at freshman orientation at VT.  He is waiting with the other Computer nerds to start nerding it up.  He bumps in to Hazen White who happens to be mumbling to himself about some terrible video game (probably Call of Duty)  and they have been going on headsets to play with one another ever since - yes, even when they were roommates.  Scott and Hazen meet Adam Waldrop in a required class for all frosh.  They all set up a time to study, but when Hazen and Scott show up at Adam's apartment, he greets them with a resounding "Hook me up a new Revolution!" (yes, singing a FooFighters classic), but he can't wave without spilling.  At the astonished look on Scott and Hazen's faces, Adam says, "What?!  You've never played Edward 40-hands?!"  The crew was forming.  Again, Jill isn't really certain of the details in this story, but she does know that the group isn't complete without a doctor.  That's where Brian Arbogast comes in to the picture.  He probably saved all of their lives that night.  No one will ever know.
  • Scott Glassbrook - Scott is Jill's brother, and another computer nerd.  Scott has been Jill's constant source of sanity, love, and support.  Scott and Scott have been able to bond over geeky things, and like to talk nerd whenever they get the chance.  They would never say this, but they're a lot like the Jill's in that "Great Scott's Think Alike."