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The Pups

We have 2 puppies together, Asthenosphere and Yossarian.  They are very different dogs.  Because they are a part of our everyday life, we want to share a little about them with our friends and family.  Asthenosphere was part of how we met, and together we took in Yossarian.  
Asthenosphere Hugapuppy 
Asthenosphere is a Maltese-Shitzu mix.  A Multi-Shit, if you will.  He will turn 7 in September.  Asthenosphere is lovingly referred to as "Grumplestilzkin," "the Old Man Puppy," and as "lump dog."  His favorite things are sleeping and judging the puppy.  He knows lots of tricks; he will sit, shake, high 5, high 10, dance, and roll over when you say "avocado."  He introduced Jill and Scott to one another.

Yossarian Pee-Paw

Yossarian is a Border Terrier; one of the 'smartest' breeds of dog, according to Scott.  He will turn 2 in October.  Yossarian is named after the lead character in Catch-22.  He is lovingly referred to as "Cray-Cray," "Yo-Yo," and "Baby Dog."  His favorite things are taunting Asthenosphere and acting crazy.  He doesn't know much, but he is very cute.  He teaches Jill and Scott to be more patient.